How To Ace The Speaking – Score 7.0+ with IELTS Classes In Singapore

How To Ace The Speaking

Let’s start with an introduction to the IELTS Speaking Test before I tell you how to ace it.

The IELTS speaking in Singapore will test your ability to speak fluently in English, the task is divided into 3 different parts which you have to familiarize yourself with, and master very well in preparation for the test.

The first part is a conversation, a simple one indeed which you be able to do easily and fast. It usually takes about 4 to 5 minutes to answer, and the topics focused upon under this part are easily to speak upon.

The second part of the speaking task is a monologue where a card will be given to you, on which is written the topic you are to talk about. Time will be given to you too to think about what you are going to say, usually about 1 minute. After allowing you to think, you will now talk on the topic within 2 minutes. The whole exercise will take about 4 minutes.

How To Ace The IELTS SpeakingThe third part is a conversation between you and the examiner on what have been given to you to discuss in the second part. Here the examiner will be asking you questions on the topic, to know how well you can give details about a particular subject. The whole conversation will be recorded, and you will be expected to give as direct answers as possible. The total time allotted for this IELTS speaking in Singapore task is 4 minutes.

 IELTS speaking Preparation and Success Tips

As I always tell my students at IELTS Singapore, try to familiarize yourself with this type of tasks well before the exam day; this will eliminate every form of surprises in the exam hall. You can also use past questions to practice on the type of questions and topics that have come out in the past, so that you will develop yourself in the art of speaking either in a conversation, or a monologue.

You need to work upon yourself to become comfortable talking before an interviewer, and to use the right vocabulary to answer questions.

IELTS do repeat questions, especially under this task, thus, you go through past questions, at least work on recent speaking questions, especially those ones you find online and use them to practice, and you may even come across what will come out directly in the exam hall.

A typical IELTS speaking in Singapore practice test will involve pronunciation of words and sentences, hence do not prepare for this task by just reading about what to do from books, you have to actually practice speaking topics, using the right words, expressions, and vocabulary, you may be very good at writing, but you have to work upon talking, not just to yourself alone, but before at least one person.

Have a tutor to guide you if you feel you are weak too shy to talk, or you find it difficult to speak before a stranger, or you cannot develop confidence under exam condition, get a tutor. If you cannot afford this, look for a native speaker who will listen to you and correct you as you speak.

Remember that the more you talk, the more you build up your confidence, hence keep talking. Some people start with speaking in front of a mirror to actually know about their composure and general disposition. This is good because the examiner can be impressed with your confidence and give you more marks.

You can also record your speech maybe on your phone, listen to it and find a way of improving on what you have delivered.

Every mistake that you made must be worked upon until you have been able to overcome them completely, that is why you have to early enough to have the time for all these.

And finally in IELTS speaking in Singapore, you must control the rate at which you speak, naturally when students find themselves under pressure like this they tend to speak too fast and disrupt whatever good thing they have planned ahead in their preparations, you must avoid this by practicing speaking slowly and calmly, until you are able to overcome every tendency to be jittery.

Whatever you do, always make sure you get a feedback on your work so that you can improve, their no point committing the same mistake over and over, hence the feedback will help you to quickly get over whatever can stand in the way of your success in IELTS speaking in Singapore, do work on that area as much as possible, and you will discover that you will flow in your speech in the IELTS exam hall.