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Bad Study Habits to Avoid for IELTS Preparation

Test preparation doesn’t just require you to know and practice the right study techniques but also avoid the habits that can potentially sink your exam grades. I have two articles here that talks about the bad study habits to avoid, and I think these can be truly helpful to individuals who are preparing for the IELTS test. The first one here talks about the several aspects of studying and the factors such as stress that usually lead test takers to wander and become out of focus. I personally believe that these posts can be very useful to test takers, please have a look:

Bad study habits can sink your exam grades Et Cetera finals approach, students are scrambling to find the best ways to study.

An increasingly popular trend is to stay up all night studying the night before a test – an “all-nighter.” Teachers advise against that.

“Don’t cram,” said Cindy He of the Math Spot. “I’ve seen students that start studying the night before. Don’t do that. Then the next day everything will be jumbled up and you won’t understand all that much.

“The best thing to do is study in increments. The week before, start studying daily and review your notes.”

Others believe in making sure that you not worry too much about tests.

“Don’t try and learn a semester’s worth of information in a night,” said Shayn Davenport, tutor for The Link. “Along with that, understand that this is one grade in one class in your college life.”

There are many aspects of studying. Stress is a big factor when studying for tests, Davenport said.

This articles here talks about the bad study habits that you may have probably been following and how you can avoid them. I think that this post, like the article above, is not only for students but is also applicable to IELTS test takers. Please check this out:

Mars n Moon 5 Bad Study Habits You’ve Probably Been Following hear a lot of platitudes when it comes to studying: “Make studying a priority. Review your notes early and often.” “Read all the textbook chapters and do your homework.” “Practice makes perfect. So practice as much as you can.”

First off, all the students who have ever been in a classroom just collectively rolled their eyes. Second, most of this stuff we hear, though well intentioned (maybe), is just plain wrong. A lot of bad study habits are spread in the guise of helpful advice.

Here are 5 of the most common bad study habits that parents, teachers, and advisors teach, and why they’re actually hurting your GPA: 1. Read the chapter before lecture

Here’s something we’ve all heard teachers say at the end of class: “Read chapter 12 on the Law of Cosines before class tomorrow so that we can jump right in.”

And you probably wanted to say, “Wait a sec… isn’t that your job?”

One of the secrets in doing well during the IELTS test is to know the basic as well as the do’s and don’ts in studying. I personally believe that test takers should know how to study properly as it an significantly influence their learning progress.