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Fun Apps That Are Helpful for IELTS Examinees

English proficiency tests such as the IELTS can be very challenging to pass, and this is true to many test takers. However, as a teacher for many years I know that nothing is impossible with those who persevere and work hard. There are actually many fun things that examinees can do to pass and one is to use some apps. I believe that apps are generally useful and they are tools that many students especially the younger ones find very interesting. I have this interesting article here about some apps that are believed to be helpful for test takers in passing the test. I decided to share it here because I really do find it interesting and helpful. I hope this helps, check it out:


Top 10 Useful Android Apps that Can Help You to Pass the IELTS and TOEFL Examination | you ever wonder how can you pass IELTS or TOEFL examination? Are you thinking about this problem? Don’t worry! Today will introduce to you top 10 useful Android apps that can help you to pass the IELTS and TOEFL examination. Let take a look at them.

It contains 200 essays on different topics that will help you to improve your English vocabulary. It also helps you understand what kind and style of language you are supposed to use in the writing section of the exam.

It is an app that would prove to be useful whilst studying for the IELTS. It has important words that you need to remember how to spell correctly, a way for you to calculate your scores, advice from IELTS test takers as well as top 10 tips for listening, reading, writing and speaking. Via

Many of my students are actually using some of these apps. I’ve tried some too and I had fun using them. I like the idea that these apps both fun and helpful to use. Anyway, I’ll be posting more in the coming days especially about IELTS preparation classes. For now, you may check out my post about the best IELTS books.