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Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Grammar is one of the most important lessons that IELTS test takers should study on. Learning the English language requires grammatically correct sentences, whether it is written or verbal. I decided to feature here two articles about grammar mistakes or grammatical errors to avoid. Test takers need to be very familiar with the grammatical errors that should be avoided, in addition to knowing what is grammatically correct. Please check this post out:

Content Writing Services | 5 More Grammar Mistakes are two types of people: the people who give a crap about grammar and the people who don’t give a crap about grammar. If you’re creating content on behalf of your company, chances are there is at least one person in your audience who gives a crap.

Businesses are publishing content all the time— even if it’s just a few words. They’re posting on Facebook, Tweeting, blogging, and so on. Just as quickly as a message can be posted online, it can just as easily be seen by just one user who will be more than happy to point out how you used the wrong form of “than.”

A while back I discussed five common grammar mistakes that even the best writers make.

The good news is that you don’t really have to worry about this one when it comes to speaking. Writing, on the other hand, opens you up to some judgement if you mess up! Read more…

Here is another fantastic article about grammatical errors. Test takers can make an impressive essay by just avoiding the common errors that people normally fall into. Please have a look:

Common Grammar Errors And How to Avoid Them On Your Blog errors can make your blog look unprofessional and sloppy. However, not every blogger is an English major. Plus, people are human and make mistakes. In fact, errors can be easily found in the books of many New York Times Bestselling authors.

It is inevitable that there will be error here or there. The mind knows exactly what it wants the written word to say. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate onto the computer screen. Even during edits, the mind still sees the words as it wants to see them and may not catch the error.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do that will reduce mistakes.

There are some common grammar errors that you can learn in a matter of a few minutes (or bookmark this page and check back here for them when needed). Understanding that these are common errors will help you spot them more easily and fix them in your own writing.
Read more…

I have been collecting a wide variety of articles that cover topics about IELTS. I will be posting some of them here in the coming days so I hope you will visit my website again for updates!