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Improve Your IELTS Exam Score The Proper Way

The Ultimate IELTS Application To Take You To Your Desired IELTS Score.

Real Simulation of the Actual IELTS Exam

Be fully prepared for the actual IELTS Exam (Academic and General Training) by doing actual IELTS Exam questions - doing all the different components (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) understanding the format of the exam and exactly what you're going to face in the actual exam.

IELTS Appify is modeled after what you're going to experience in the actual  IELTS (Academic or General Training) exam.

Dozens of Tests and Hundreds of Questions...

When the App is fully up, there will be dozens of IELTS tests and hundreds of questions from all 4 Components of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking). 

Model Answers & Explanations

The IELTS Appify program also includes Model Answers for the Writing and Speaking Questions and Explanations for the Listening and Reading Questions.

The goal is learning from your mistakes and improving and not just taking a test.

PS: More and more Model Answers and Explanations are currently being uploaded.

Learning & Improving - Not Just Testing!

One of the major reasons why students don't improve their scores is that they just test themselves always. This is the wrong way to improve because nobody sits for a test in order to improve! You sit for a test to know your level.

IELTS Appify incorporates a strategy that helps students not just test themselves, but also learn and improve. This is done by helping students build their vocabulary and also through other ways.

Practice & Learning History

Everytime you use IELTS Appify to practice and improve, everything is recorded and you can go back to it any time you want to review the sessions.

The Only IELTS Testing & Learning App You Need!

Created By IELTS Teachers

Conceptualized by experienced IELTS teachers from around the world.

Ace Your Exam By Improving

Acing your exam requires improvement and learning, not just testing.

Continuous Improvement

Our team is constantly adding new questions and improving the learning strategies.

Low Monthly

Prices start from just US$50 per month, with a much lower monthly cost for a longer commitment.

What Students Have Said About IELTS Appify

The IELTS Appify Application is a great companion to IELTS University's classes and what Jonathan teaches. It can also be used alone to help improve your IELTS Score.


This Application has helped me improve every part of my IELTS score - the model answers and learning strategy have helped a lot. Thanks.




1 month

Full access to IELTS Appify for 1 month.

  • Includes all new updates

US$120 (SG$160)

6 months

Full access to IELTS Appify for 6 months.

  • Includes all new updates



Full access to IELTS Appify for your lifetime (i.e. unlimited use - fair use applies)

  • Inclues all new updates

Want To Learn More?

IELTS Appify is currently in BETA stage to eliminate some bugs and as more Questions, Model Answers, Explanations, Vocabulary, etc., are being uploaded.

As such, this is currently only available for Jonathan's IELTS Exam Preparation students in Singapore.

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